Glynis Judge

Glynis Judge

Drawn to travel and excitement at age 20, I joined British Airways and, over twenty years, moved to a senior operational position, being part of a team of six managers leading 400 customer service staff at Terminal 1, Heathrow Airport. After this amazing inner journey coupled with working in a tough, dynamic and fast moving environment, I left British Airways with a high degree of confidence to start up Personal Portfolio as a sole trader, a business specialising in management development through the media of outdoor development, one-to-one coaching and workshops, (now over 1000 run in total), in the public, private and voluntary sectors.

In 2003, a group of us gathered naturally to form The Human Energy Centre, our intention being to support organisations and individuals to become more conscious of the energetic patterning that underpins all interactions and behaviour. I have always been more interested in what I cannot see than what I can see and have developed over the past 6 years a greater understanding of these energies by creative writing and engaging in transformational theatre with Christina Artemis.

I have an M.Sc. in Strategic Human Resource Development and a Diploma in Integrative Breath Therapy & Transformational Healing. I am currently taking an MA in Creative and Media Writing and wish to develop my stage-writing skills to develop awareness in society of the human condition through theatre.

I believe the greatest skills in people management are self-awareness, a sense of the absurd, an ability to laugh at oneself, and the consciousness to demonstrate both power and vulnerability in management and leadership while knowing the difference!

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