Richard Munden

Richard Munden

Richard is a valuable but unusual member of The Human Energy Centre team. Primarily a businessman, he is a dynamic, persuasive and visionary leader with a track record of good business leadership, personnel management, financial accountability and technical innovation. He has successful experience in engineering, R & D, sales, marketing and motivating staff. In his business career, he has always aimed to achieve through striving for excellence in quality products, services and relationships with all company stakeholders.

His experience has convinced him that people really are the most important resource that a business has and that good leadership draws out the ability of the people and gives them the inspiration and space to create excellence. Recent work by some members of The Human Energy Centre in his own business has developed his belief in the Natural Systems Approach and stimulated his interest to research in depth into the ideas, philosophy and concepts behind it.

Currently a non-executive member of the core group, he is acting as a business facilitator, coach and challenger to help The Human Energy Centre ensure that its approach is fully relevant to the needs of enlightened employers and individuals.

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